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The Reasons I Be

The Shepherd Family


My great Great grandmother, Malinda Berkshire,
1819-1901, Wife of John B Shepherd,
and her son, David Shepherd, 1843-1872,
before he left for the Civil War

An absolute treasure found by my cousin, Karen Bowman
(Keep cleaning those closets, Karen!!)


Arrista Mae Shepherd Kress
9/3/1897 - 5/13/1930
daughter Lena Mae Kress
2/3/1916 - 8/12/1995

Arrista and her grandmother
Mary Louisa Clark Shepherd
6/20/1847 - 2/23/1930

Contributed by diane Shackelford

This picture has been hanging on my wall for many years without a clue as to who they were. If it hadn't been for Karen sending me the above picture of Malinda Shepherd, I still wouldn't know who they were. But look closely at the woman in the back row to the left of the porch post. THAT is Malinda Shepherd without her glasses!

I believe the very pretty young lady in the center and left of the boy holding his hat is my great grandmother, Harriet McCann Shepherd. And I believe her 3 sisters are to her left. Her brother, Angus, is to her right and just below the boy with the hat.

But had I not found my cousin, Jim Clark, I still would not be able to identify the rest of this "herd". The young man to the left with the long tie is Hibert Clark, Jim's great grandfather. Genetics work in mysterious ways. Jim could be Hibert's twin. The children in the front row are most surely Clark kids.

Malinda is what I would call as plain as a fence post, but she certainly had some good looking kids!


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Last updated March 16, 1999

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