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Nel's GeneAddiction

The Miller Homestead

Located in Norwalk, WarrenCo, IA, this home was built by my greatgrandfather, Abram Timmerman Miller, circa 1870. This building still stands today, although through the years much of its magnificent detail has been lost through misguided remodeling and neglect. The City of Norwalk recently purchased this property with the hope that a purchaser can be found willing to move it. The open farm land around it has been purchased by a developer with the intent of building a commercial/industrial park. If not purchased and moved, this historically significant home will be razed.

Update as of January 4, 1999! A young couple has purchased this beautiful home and will be moving it 1/2 mile from its current location. I wish I could be there to watch this very complex and emotional operation.


Miller Family History

Everything I have on my Miller family is from family history passed down to me. At this time, we do not know for sure who compiled this information. And although we know that the majority of it is accurate, there are areas of doubt, particularly regarding the earliest history.

Our first known ancestor is William Miller, born about 1800 in TN or possibly the ScottCo area of KY. Family history assigned three sisters to him: Sally, Amanda, and Ruth. Through contacts made with the Zimmerman side of the family, we have now determined that Amanda and Ruth are the sisters of William's wife, Martha Timberman. Sally's status is still unknown, other than she is shown as marrying Edward Jones.

I have found his wife's father, Abraham Timberman, about 1810 in BlountCo, TN. Abraham's father, Matthew, and 2 brothers, Jonathan and George Timberman owned land on Nine Mile Creek, just south of Maryville, TN.

Abraham Timberman moved his family to Franklin County, IN in 1811. He is next found in Parke/Fountain County, IN, in 1821 reported as one of the first settlers of this area. It was not until 1823 that he brought his family, including his daughter Martha and her new husband William Miller, to Parke County. From this point on, I have complete documentation on Abram Timmerman Miller, son of William and Martha, and his descendents.

The unsolved problems deal with the parents and siblings of William Miller. Did his parents and siblings remove to Indiana with the Timberman family in 1811? Did the Millers come from Kentucky and meet the Timbermans in FranklinCo, IN? Are William's parents John and Mary Miller (based on the pattern William and Martha used to name their children)? It is known the Zimmerman family was originally from Philadelphia, PA, arriving in 1694. At what point did the Millers connect with the Zimmermans?

Confused about the many spellings I've used on the Zimmerman surname? We have found all three: Zimmerman, Timberman, and Timmerman, on legal documents in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio.



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Last updated November 29, 1998