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The Reasons I Be!


Here I am with all my vices. And the pic is at least 15 years old. The hair is a foot longer, the wrinkles are more prominent and I'm getting frayed around the edges - but what the heck! I'm still kicking!!


My great grandparents,
Abner Webster Hall, 1849-1942
Harriet McCann Shepherd, 1851-1922

"Abner, it's time to get dressed. Have you forgotten we're having our picture taken today?"

"No, Harriet, I've not forgotten. I'll wear my coat, but collar and tie are for Sundays."

(What's wrong with wearing my longjohns, anyway?)



My paternal grandparents, Luther Loyd Hall, bn 1877, Carlisle, WarrenCo, Iowa, son of Abner and Harriet,
and Grace DeEtte Miller, bn 1875, Norwalk, WarrenCo, Iowa

My Uncle Hugh and Aunt Mary

This photo was taken circa 1904


I believe this is my great aunt, Clara Jane Miller, bn 1855, Norwalk, WarrenCo, IA, sister of Grace DeEtte Miller, my grandmother. Perhaps my cousin, Sandra, will be able to identify her.

If this is Clara Jane Miller, this phot o was most likely taken circa 1875-1880.


We believe this is my great great grandfather, William Miller (seated right) and his 4 oldest sons, John, Abram (my great grandfather), Samuel, and David. Your Millers have ears out to there? You must be mine!!

A daguerreotype photo taken circa 1845
from the collection of another cousin, Jerry Miller

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Last updated January 31, 1999

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