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Please read this section carefully so that I may be of better assistance to you. This site contains several surname files, the GenConnect boards, and many pages containing a wide variety of information.

When I receive email asking for more info on a particular individual or surname with no further information, it leaves me scratching my head. OR I must search every surname file, gen board, or page in an attempt to find out just WHERE this person is. I honestly don't have time to do this, but also don't want to disappoint you by sluffing you off. Your inquiry is very important to me. SO! .... here are my tips for a most successful trip thru these files.

1. If you find an individual/family of interest to you, please tell me WHICH site, file or page. I can then quickly find your family and send you whatever additional info I may have, if any. If searching for a Hatcher, do not assume you know your exact ancestry. Check all the Hatcher files.

2. If you are a HATCHER or connected peripherally, check GenConnect and the other Hatcher pages for your family regardless of whether you find them on one of the surname files. You may find records for your family which will be solid clues to use in your continued research and also to be used as source documentation in your own file.

3. If you DO NOT find your individual/family on this site, I DO NOT have any further information for you. Check the Researchers page and check the GenConnect Query pages to determine if someone else may be looking for the same family. Once you have found as much as you can from these pages, now is the time to create a Query. Submit your query to the appropriate Surname GenConnect board, assuming one exists for your particular surname.

4. If you find just a single reference or two for a particular surname, I can guarantee you I have no further info beyond what is on the site. I do not hold back any data. Everything I have is here.

5. And most important of all, if you have new data and/or family that is not currently on this site, I would most appreciate any contribution that would enhance the opportunities for successful connections for future surfers/potential cousins.


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