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Hatcher Records

DAR Records
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DAR Records

Indentured Servants

Hatcher/Trabue Connections

List of Indentured Servants
From "Early Virginia Immigrants; 1623-1666"

A contribution by Wilson Hatcher

Indentured Servant Year * Sponsor County
Alice EMMERTON 1636 William HATCHER Henrico
William RADFORD 1636 William HATCHER Henrico
John WINCHESTER 1636 William HATCHER Henrico
John HATCHER 1636 Thomas CURTIS Charles River
Sarah HATCHER 1636 John CHANDLER Elizabeth City
Benjamin GREGORY 1637 William HATCHER ??
Thomas BROWNE 1637 William HATCHER ??
Charles HOWELL 1637 William HATCHER ??
Thomas HATCHER 1645 John BAKER Elizabeth City

From "Cavaliers & Pioneers Abstracts & Grants, 1623-1666"
Contributed by Chelle Williams

Indentured Servant Year * Sponsor County
Sarah HATCHER 6 July 1636 John CHANDLER ??
Henry HATCHER no date Edward HATCHER ??
Abell HATCHER 20 April 1682 Charles SAVAGE Surrey
Peter HATCHER 20 April 1680 Giles LIMSCOTT Is of Wight
Edward HATCHER 23 April 1688 Jno. SKEARE Middlesex

* The date may have no relationship to date of arrival but may be the date of
application for land patent.

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DAR References

DAR Query 14216
Hatcher, Edward, Resident VA, 1790, married Huldah TYCE.
Hatcher, William, son of Edward and Huldah (Tyce), married c1794, Mary Crouson (Crowson); rem. to SevierCo, TN.

Note from Nel: This DAR data may be the source for the occasional reference to Huldah Tyce (Tice) as wife of Edward Hatcher. At this point there appears to be no other records to verify this marriage. At the time of his death, Edward was married to Sarah Borling who was the mother of his two youngest children. There is no reference in his will to his previous wife(s). Oddly enough, Edward had a grandson who named his daughter Huldah Tice Hatcher. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has further data on Huldah Tice.

Source of the above data: Barbara Smith at


DAR Vol 97, page 290; Vol 101, p 250; Vol 108, p 171; Vol 126, p 172
All of the children of Benjamin and Lucy Hatcher are stated in the pension claim of Mrs Hatcher, w 21, 275; Elizabeth c1767, Mary 1765, Benjamin, Jr. 1772, John 1773, Lucy 1778. (Note: Benjamin and Lucy's wills can be found in the Wills section of this site.)

State of South Carolina, Edgefield District

Personally appeared before me, W W Adams, a Magistrate, in and for the District and State aforesaid, duly authorized to administer Oaths for general purposes, Benjamin Hatcher and made Oath in due form of law that he is the only surviving child of Lucy Hatcher who died in February 1839, and whose papers are on file in the Pension Office of The United States. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 10th day of December 1851.

The above data contributed by Robert E Hatcher.

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Hatchers from the Index of
"The Trabue Family in America, 1700-1983"
by Julie Trabue Yates & Charles Trabue IV, MD, 1983
Gateway Press
Contributed by Deanna

I have not found connections for most of these Hatchers. If you know who they are,
I would appreciate hearing from you.

Ada L Agnes Andrew W Anna M
Anna T Annie M Betty Cassius
Charles Charles M Charles T Edward C
Edward T Edwin Edwin P Elizabeth
Elizbeth T George Henry James B
Jean E Jeremiah Jerry John T
Letitia T Lucile Maria Martha E
Martha H Mary E Mary H Mary L
Mary W Nancy Nannie T Richard H
Robert Sallie Samuel P Sewell
William C William R Zelinda M  

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