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South Carolina

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Thanks to David Davis for these So Carolina Colony marriages

Hatcher Spouse Date
Sirrah John FUSTER 1741
Joseph Mary Sarah TAILOR 4/30/1741
Jane George MELEKEN 1/2/1752
Margaret Edward DAVIS 11/9/1752
Anne Capt. William WATSON 2/6/1754
Rachel Emanuel MINEOR 10/27/1754
James Jane JERVEY 9/30/1758
* Hancock Margaret WILKINS(Watkins?) 8/16/1763
??? Sela MEGEE 7/3/1776
* William Martha VICKERS 2/21/1786
Susannah James MERRIWETHER 5/14/1790
Polly John GOMILLION 7/6/1820
Alfred Fannie SWEARINGEN 7/28/1821
Elizabeth Amos LANDRUM 8/12/1838
B(enjamin) W E Augustine LONG 2/8/1842
William Mary BOOTHE 10/1/1838
** John Eva MORIS (Morris?) 1/6/1790

* Listed as married in EdgecombCo, NC
** From "Cavaliers & Pioneers", John's father is listed as Juniston (Jameston?) Hatcher.
John, age 83, and Eva, age 79, can be found on the 1850 SevierCo, TN census

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Last updated March 17, 1999