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Various Counties

Hatcher Spouse Date County
Failey (Farley?) HIGGINS, Susannah 1/29/ 1840 CrawfordCo
Rebecca J NOLAND, Stephan A 6/4/1848 GallatinCo
Nathan FIFIELD, Mary Ann 10/15/1850 McLeanCo
Lucinda ROMBROUGH, John C 9/12/1834 MorganCo
Lela Emarine SMITH, George W 2/27/1845 MorganCo
Rachel COX, James 2/12/1834 PerryCo
Hannah ROBERTSON, Andrew 5/3/1835 PerryCo
Rebecca CLARK, Edwin 12/12/1843 PerryCo
Mary TILLEY, William H 9/28/1850 PerryCo
Sophia Ann HOOVER, George W 1/24/1844 PikeCo
Joseph W. PUTERBAUGH, Serinia 7/27/1843 TazewellCo
Joseph W. WORDELL, Mercy Hannah 8/9/1849 TazewellCo


Hatcher Spouse Date County
Albert SHORT, Joy 12/24/1912 FranklinCo, Bk 3 pg 351
Alice HEYDENBERD, John T 3/18/1888 IroquoisCo, Bk B pg 210, Lic#5209
Alice BAIN, William 9/4/1884 WhiteCo, Bk 14

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