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Montgomery Co Cemetery Book
Compiled by Rena Worthen

Soft Cover, $40.00 + $3.00 postage

Cemeteries included are: the Akers, Allen, Alls, Altizer, St. Mathews
Church, Cofer-Turner-Elvin, Correll, Cove Road, Denhill, Dudley, Earls,
Elliston, Galilee, Glade Road, Hall Church, Jewell Family, Howard Family,
Kenzer Broce, Lafayette, Lawrence & Others, Linkous, Long, Montgomery Co, Mt
Pleasant Church, Page, Piedmont, Pilot, Reesedale, Snowville Baptist Church,
Surface, Walters, White, Winfrey, and Woolwine Cemeteries

Individual Cemeteries can be Purchased seperately for $3.00 + a large SSAE.

Rena B Worthen, P.O. Box 1002, Buchanan, VA 24066; Questions, email:

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"The Hatcher Family in America, Vol 1: Family of Henry Hatcher I (1638-1677),
Second Son of William Hatcher, the Immigrant"

I am pleased to announce that orders are now being taken for the book, "The Hatcher Family in America, Vol 1: Family of Henry Hatcher I (1638-1677), Second Son of William Hatcher, the Immigrant" by Jerry Proudfit of Atlanta, GA.

As several may already know, this is likely the most complete and accurate of any book about the Hatchers in America. This 1997 book of some 500 pages is the first of three of his proposed Hatcher volumes about the descendants of the three productive sons of William "The Immigrant" Hatcher (1614-1680). They represent over 30 years of dedicated and careful research by Jerry Proudfit and the late S C Moore. Jerry proposes to continue updating completed volumes by providing addendums for the notebook-bound books.

Jerry Proudfit continues to estimate completing his Edward volume by the summer of 1998 and his Benjamin volume by the end of 1999. He reports he has recently made good progress, with the aid of a nearby Hatcher descendant.

Jerry has assigned responsibility to Robert M Hatcher for the processing of orders, and after deducting only the basic costs for copying and processing orders, all funds are being sent to Jerry Proudfit. The intent is not only to share the Henry volume but also to help Jerry complete his Edward and Benjamin volumes as soon as possible.

The cost of this book is $55 plus $6 shipping. Orders are expected to be shipped within a month. Pre-orders may be sent to Robert by email: Robert Hatcher

Orders will not be shipped until receipt of payment. Please send check or money order to:
Robert M Hatcher
324 Leopole Rd
Nashville, TN 37211

I, Nel Hatcher, am in no way associated or involved with this book, nor do I have any financial interest or gain to be made from this book. It has merely been highly recommended to me by those who have already purchased it.


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Last updated November 29, 1998

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