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JeffersonCo, GA

Contributed by Pat Holland

Ft Gordon Leitner Cemetery, Training Area 35

Hatcher Birth Death
Florence Harris 3/5/1840 12/15/1909
J A 5/27/1845 4/25/1912
Charles W 1839 1881

Nails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Bartow

Hatcher Birth Death
James L 12/1850 8/5/1916
Missouri 12/24/1847 11/10/1880


MuscogeeCo, GA

Contributed by Cal McBroom
From "Tombstone Inscriptions of Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA"
Transcribed by June Hanna

Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA





Benjamin Carl 11/13/1879 12/25/1927 s/o Benjamin Thomas and Martha Estes Hatcher
Benjamin T 10/30/1847 1/26/1911 h/o Martha Estes
Bessie 10/18/1875 2/3/1940 w/o Everett STRUPPER
Clara Blanche age 5 mos. no dates given d/o B T & M J Hatcher
Elizabeth 1/25/1818 9/13/1878 w/o Samuel J Hatcher
Mary   bur 11/12/1867, pauper's section  
Mary Lou 8/11/1855 8/26/1887 w/o Samuel B Hatcher
Mary Louise 9/12/1876 7/16/1883 d/o Samuel B & Mary Lou Hatcher
Peytona Elizabeth 8/15/1853 1/11/1928 w/o William Perry HUNT
Sallie E 12/3/1879 1/13/1881 d/o Samuel B & Mary Lou Hatcher
Samuel B 8/27/1850, GA 10/12/1937  
Samuel J 9/19/1812, VA 4/10/1861  
Susie A 7/8/1849 12/22/1888 w/o S W McMICHAEL

Burials and Deaths reported in the Columbus Enquirer, 1832-1872
Compiled by Buster W Wright



Mr. ? Killed by Mr YARBOROUGH, both of CrawfordCo, GA, 1/20/1872, Macon, GA
Charles of 5th VA Regt., buried Sharpsburg, MD, (5/26/1866)
Green Ox cart accident; 2/1/1839, CrawfordCo, GA
Hon. Robert S former State Sen. of DallasCo, AL, killed in railway accident; 4/4/1872
Samuel J born ChesterfieldCo, VA, 9/15/1812, moved to Columbus 1836; (died) 4/10/1861
William a Tribute of Respect by Georgian Lodge #63; (5/25/1852)

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