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The Hatcher Family History Book

William the Emigrant

Edward - Son of William the Emigrant

William Hatcher of Wears Valley, TN

Samuel B Hatcher, son of Branch, BarrenCo, KY

2nd Lt. William Henry Hatcher of the Immortal Six Hundred

Major John Hatcher in the Revolutionary War

Sidney Hatcher in the Civil War

Spotswood Henry Hatcher - A Civil War Letter

Samuel Clay Hatcher, grandson of Robert & Ann Sanders Hatcher

Orie Hatcher - youngest graduate of Richmond's Female Institute

Letitia Catherine Wear, wife of William Hatcher, SevierCo, TN1890-1965

William Dolphis Hatcher, SevierCo, TN

Robert M L Hatcher, Son of John Henry & Dorcas Ross Hatcher

Sgt. Alto Newton Hatcher, 1917-1988

A few short HATCHER bios

John Bell Hatcher - renowned Paleontologist

Obituary of Thomas Jefferson Hatcher

The Wager

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Last updated September 20, 1998

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