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War of 1812

If you can positively identify any of these Hatchers and their respective family, connect any of these individuals, can add to this chart, or simply have suspicions or theories about any of them, please contact me.

Hatcher Regiment State Militia
Archibald 5th VA
Benjamin Flying Camp (McDowell's) VA
Benjamin 1st Corps D'Elite (Randolph's) VA
Benjamin 2nd VA
Benjamin 23rd (Brown's) VA
C R Cocke's Detachment VA
Charles R 6th (Sharp's) VA
Charles R 19th (Ambler's) VA
Charles R 23rd (Brown's) VA
Edmond Battalion of Art'y (1813-14) VA
Edward 1st Cavalry (Heth's) VA
Edward 23rd (Brown's) VA
Edward 2nd VA
Edwin 4th VA
Felts Nash's SC Volunteers
Frederick 4th VA
Gideon 2nd (Ballowe's) VA
Gideon 19th (Ambler's) VA
Handaway (Hardaway) Detachment of Cavalry 1813-14) VA
Hanson H Capt Barnes' Co Art'y MD
Hanson H 1st (Hawkin's) MD
Haskins 1st Light Dragoons (Simrall's) KY Volunteers
Henry 5th VA
Henry 5th VA
Henry 5th VA
Hubbard 5th VA
Ison New Hanover (Nixon's) NC
James 1st (Wear's) East TN Volunteers
James 4th (Bayles') East TN
James 7th (Saunders') VA
Jeremiah 1st Light Dragoons (Simrall's) KY Volunteers
John Maj Cameron's Command NC
John 1st (Hawkin's) MD
John 1st (Yancey's) VA
John 2nd (Bruton's) NC
John 5th VA
John 43rd (Hamilton's) MD
John 56th (Taylor's) VA
John H Capat Barnes' Co Art'y MD
Josiah H 1st Light Dragoons (Simrall's) KY Volunteers
Josiah W 1st (Yancey's) VA
Josiah W 23rd (Brown's) VA
Julius 4th (Washington's) VA
Julius W 2nd VA
Julius W 5th VA
Moses 1st (Chamber's) GA
Nathan 21st (Reed's) MD
Obed 23rd (Brown's) VA
Rand 23rd (Brown's) VA
Richard Battalion of Art'y (1813-14) VA
Richard 4th VA
Richard 5th VA
Richard 5th VA
Rulledge Youngblood's SC
Russell 4th (Booth's) GA
Samuel DeClouet's LA
Samuel Capt Windsor's Co, Mtd MO
Saunders Freeman's Squadron Cavalry GA
Thomas 2nd (Lillard's) East TN Volunteers
Thomas 19th (Ambler's) VA
Uriah 3rd (Wimberly's) GA
Walthall 1st (Trueheart's) VA
Walthall 39th VA
William Kratzer's Command OH
William Capt Lanier's Co NC
William 1st Cavalry (Heth's) VA
William 2nd VA
William 4th VA
William 5th VA
William 8th (Wall's) VA
Zach 1st (Yancey's) VA
Zach'y 23rd (Brown's) VA
Zachariah 4th VA
Zachariah 5th VA

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Last updated January 26, 1999