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African American Hatchers
The following was found on the
Free African Americans site

Note from Nel: In spite of the title for this page and the site from which the following family was found, it would appear that this family was Native American.

1. Jack Hatcher, born say 1730, "alias Indian Jack" sued John Parish, Sr., in Goochland County, Virginia Court in February 1752 [Orders 1750-57, 47].
He may have been the father of

i. David, born about 1762, a 16 year old "half Indian" planter who enlisted in the Granville County, North Carolina Militia during the Revolution [The North Carolinian, 726 (N.C. Archives Troop Returns File TR 4-40)]. He was head of a Chesterfield County, South Carolina household of 9 "other free" in 1800 [SC:103] and 8 in 1810 [SC:550].

ii. William, born say 1770, "Negroe" head of a Cheraw District, South Carolina household of 3 "other free" in 1790 [SC:49], and 5 in Chesterfield County in 1800 [SC:103].

iii. Nancy, head of a Fairfield County, South Carolina household of 3 "other free" in 1800 [SC:227].

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Last updated March 4, 1999