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Bible records of

William Hatcher & Priscilla Nunallee

The following information may have come from two different Bibles. I, Robert E Hatcher, believe that the information refers to the descendents of William Henry hatcher and Priscilla Nunallee


Wm. Hatcher, my father (Washington Jackson Hatcher's) born Oct 12, 1800

Elizabeth Sophia Hatcher, wife of Robert Good, born May 31, 1790

Mary Hatcher, wife of J. E. Dennard, born 17 Jan, 1792

Reuben Sanders Hatcher born 17 May, 1794

Mildred Hatcher, wife of R. H. Mitchell, born Feb 21, 1796

James Hatcher born 1798

After three others who died, J.F. Hatcher was born Oct 7, 1825

Harriet Ann McNeel, wife of John F. Hatcher, born Jan 25, 1834

Robert A. Hatcher, son of J. F. & H. A. Hatcher, born Aug 31, 1852

Martha Ann (Hatcher) Dutton, first sister, was born

A.T. (August Thompson) Hatcher born Dec 4, 1828

W.J. (Washington Jackson) Hatcher, the writer, born April 21, 1834

George Augustus Leighton Hatcher was born Dec. 30, 1830

George Augustus, 2nd son of J.F. and H.A. Hatcher, born April 30, 1855

S. J. (Sara Jane) Hatcher, my wife (Washington Jackson Hatcher) born May 7, 1840

William Hatcher, my grand father (Washington Jackson Hatcher's) born Nov 25, 1759 & died July 8, 1837

Martha B. Thompson, wife of my father, born Dec 21, 1798 and died Nov 24, 1837 aged 28 yrs. 11 months and 3 days

R,S. (Robert Sanders) Hatcher born May 11, 1820

Emma Jane Hatcher, dau of Washington Jackson and Sarah Jane Walden Hatcher, born Feb 27, 1859

W. L. (William Leighton) Hatcher born Aug 14, 1821

James Mitchel Hatcher born April 24, 1840 and died July 1, 1842

Elizabeth W. Hatcher born Aug 25, 1842

Josiah Ross Hatcher born Oct 26, 1846 & died of wounds 1864. (57th Regiment of Partisan Rangers, C.S.A. Note by Robert E. Hatcher)

Cullen Alex(ander) Hatcher born Dec 22, 1843

Mildred L. Hatcher born Feb 25 184?

Markie Barden Hatcher, dau of Washington Jackson, born Dec 2, 1862

Mattie Florine Hatcher, (Margaret Florence, dau of Washington Jackson) born April 22, 1866

W. L. Hatcher (Willie Lumpkin) born Aug 15th 1858

James Robert Jackson Hatcher, son of Washington Jackson, born June 21, 1873

Minnie Elizabeth Hatcher born Aug 14, 1870

Vera Franklin Hatcher born Aug 27th 1877

Lehman Lee, son of James & Laura Hatcher, born (no information in Bible)

Dewey Fitzpatrick Hatcher, son of J.R.J. & Laura, born Aug. 26th 1876

James Robert Hatcher, youngest son of J.R.J. & Laura, born Sept. 1900

Maise Leila Hatcher born Ja. 19, 1892, dau of Willie (Ester Hatcher,wife of Carl) Pouncey.

Malcom Lamar Hatcher born Nov 21, 1902



William Hatcher, my grandfather to Priscilla Nunalee Feb.22, 1787

William Hatcher, my father, to M.B. Thompson Aug. 19, 1815

Elizabeth Sophia Hatcher to Robert Good(e) March 1, 1790

Robert Sanders Hatcher to Elizabeth Fleniken Sept 26, 1844 (Dallas Co. Alabama marriage records, p 280)

William L(eighton) Hatcher to Caroline Parker Feb. 25, 1840

Martha Ann Hatcher to Thomas Dutton November 22, 1840

J. F. (John Franklin) Hatcher to Harriet Ann McNeel Oct. 25, 1851

A. T. (Augustus Thompson) Hatcher to Sarah Elizabeth Newsom ,Nov.14, 1853

W. J. (Washington Jackson ) Hatcher to Sarah Jane Walden November 13, 1856

W. L. (William Leighton) Hatcher to Saphronia McKinney July 1st. 1855 and Martha Ann Cumbie Carroll Dec.8, 1875

W. L. (Willie Lumpkin) to Palestine Mills (age 18) March 8, 1891

J. R. J. (James Robert Jackson) Hatcher was married to Laura LeeYelverton on 21 April,1892

Malcom Lamar Hatcher married Erin Griffin (age 18) Nov. 2, 1913

Maise Hatcher married Selman Martin May 1927 at the age of 35

Mattie Hatcher married John King June 27??

James Hatcher married Jessie Emery



M.B.(Markie Barden) Hatcher Aug. 24, 1864, aged 1 year 8 months 22 days

Emma J.(Jane) July 2, 1875, aged 16 yrs. 4 months and 5 days, died in Coffee Co. about 5 miles north of Clintonville at about ??o'clock. "her death was caused by an indescernable unknown pain that started in her thighs and seated in her left hip. The pain started around the 6th. of June and she died on Friday 2nd.of July

Barden Walden (Sarah Jane Walden's father) October 1862

Wm. Hatcher, my father, May 3, 1852

E. J. Walden (Sarah Jane Walden's mother) Jan 14, 1891

James Robert Jackson Hatcher Murdered at Pinckard, Al in cold blood

W. J. (Washington Jackson) Hatcher Jan 16, 1901

S. J. (Sarah Jane Walden) Hatcher March 5, 1901 (Both died at Pinckard, Al)

Lehman Lee died July 1835

Vera Franklin Jan.23, 1905

Marcus Steward Hatcher died Aug.1887

Mattie Florine (Margaret Florence) Hatcher (wife of John) King was 77 yrs. old died at Tyler, AL, Aug 31, 1943 and was buried at Selma, Alabama

Sgt. George Augustus Leighton Hatcher, enlisted in C.S.A. Crawford Co. "Ray Guards", was 1st Sgt., Co. "K", 45th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers, died at Camp Gregg, Caroline Co. VA at 1/2 past 9 o'clock p.m., April 20, 1863, aged 32 years 3 months 22 Days

The note "patented at Clintonville, Ala" refers to the Hatcher sewing machine.

The following is a descendent outline for Washington Jackson Hatcher and Sarah Jane Walden


1. Emma Jane b.1859 d. 1875

2. Markie Barden b.1862 d. 1864

3. Mattie Florine b. 1886 m. John King

4. Willie Lumpkin b.1868 d. 1950 m (1 Martha Ada Griffin (2 Palestine Mills b.1872 d. 1928

Children of Willie Lumpkin Hatcher and Palestine Mills

1. Maise Leila b.1892 m. Selmon Martin

2. Malcom Lamar 1893-1966 m. Erin Griffin 1895-1973

Children of Malcom Lamar and Erin Griffin

1. Eloise b.1916

2. Vera 1919

3. Elizabeth 1922 m . Billy Hall

4. Margaret Rebecca b. 1927 - 1949

3. Willie Ester m. Carl Pouncey

5. Minnie Elizabeth 1870

James Robert Jackson Hatcher 1873 m. Laura Lee Yelverton b. 1876

Children of J. R. J. Hatcher and Laura Lee Yelverton

1. Lehman Lee Hatcher b. 1895

2. Dewey Fitzhugh b. 1896

6. Vera Franklin Hatcher


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